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Day 6: At Sea.

Today was the Asian themed lunch buffet. This is the Satay and ribs station. Sorry, didn't get the menu.

Note, the servers dish out the food. You just hold your plate out. And you don't have to carry your tray to your table, either.

Sushi & sushi server.

This is the dessert table. When you saw a Creme Brulee, you didn't think, you just grabbed it. Creme Brulee made from scratch with real vanilla bean! Teri likes Creme Brulee now.

As usual a good haul.

After our exhausting foray for food in the wilderness, we recovered in the Vista Lounge and read our books (with a little Monte Cristo coffee).

And sat on our balcony and relaxed again.

The seas were rough, with 8-13 ft. swells. The ship was fairly stable but it was definitely possible to tell the ship was moving. Luckily, we don't get seasick.

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